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Ningbo Verykind Medical Device Co., Ltd. is established in the year 2012 as a fully capitalized subsidiary company of NINGBO DAVID MEDICAL DEVICE CO., LTD.(Stock code: 300314) which is located in the high-zone of Ningbo China. The company is dedicated to providing the Research, Manufacturing, Marketing and Service of mechanical surgery and minimally invasive surgery related products, and it is committed to providing the advanced solutions of minimally invasive surgery for clinical surgeons.
The company aims at the surgery market, specializing in manufacture the disposable surgical staplers in general thoracic surgery, stomach gastrointestinal surgery urinary and anorectal surgery. Major products including: Disposable Intraluminal Stapler, Disposable Linear Cutting Stapler, Disposable Anorectal Stapler (PPH), Disposable Linear Stapler, Disposable Trocars, Disposable Endoscopic Cutting Stapler, etc.

R&D team R&D team- dream team

There is a dream team with the people engaged in research and design the medical equipment over 30 years which is highly experienced and always does extensively research in structure, material, application and safety of the medical equipment. “People oriented, Keep improving, Safe and effective” is the concept of the team. Based on the philosophy of People oriented, we care about what patients need as the priority to design and produce the medical devices with high quality. Considering about every detail by repeated demonstration and testing to make sure the device will be more easily and securely operated with the rational construction design.

Sophisticated equipment Sophisticated equipment--a full set of Sophisticated equipment

We have developed the whole processing solution of a variety of spare parts including programming, cutting tool and tooling, raw material automatic feeding, etc through cooperating with the German company who owns the top technology in the world. It solves accumulative error by multiple procedures and several clamping by automatically finishing the work-blank to the finished product by one time damping. Units of German High-precision parts processing machines are the core advantage of producing to break the foreign technology monopoly and comprehensively improve the overall technological level, manufacturing and production capacity. The automatic binding, detection imaging and code record integrated equipment to avoid any staple missing and repeating in each staple holder. Each staple holder has its own unique code for better tracking.

Testing Center Scientific process and Quality guarantee

Our company has a modern and high standard laboratory. The laboratory test and evaluate the product, raw material, packing material and purification workshop environment.In the laboratory, we have major function area of physical-chemical checkout room, precision instrument room, weight room, drying room, 100 grade microbial limit inspection room, 100 grade sterile checkout room, 100 grade positive control room and so on. Our laboratory has a strong technical force, excellent testing equipment, It is equipped with all kinds of imported and domestic medical testing equipment to ensure the safety use of staplers.

Core technology--international leading core technology

Titanium Alloy Material

The suture nail is made of titanium alloy, which has high strength (4 times of that of pure titanium), good hardness and is not easy to deform under stress. The suture nail can effectively resist the rebound tension after tissue anastomosis.

Antiskid Design

Ergonomics anti-slip design, make the instruments use more safe, stable and comfortable.

Unique Nail Forming Technology

The unique 3D staple formation technology, to provide outstanding tissue squeezing force, good blood supply and the best haemostatic effect.

Unique Nail Slot Design

The unique nail slot design adopts the automatic guide directional sewing technology, which makes the sewing nail more perfect and easier to hit.


For the customers: Provide high quality products and service, create the biggest value investing.

For the society: Service humanity and continuation of life.

For the stockholder: Do the best income.

For the employees: Promote the employees' value and development space, improve their quality of work and life.


Leading innovation

Good quality and quantity

Thrifty for business

Harmonious development


High sense of social responsibility, quality focus, technology-based, honesty and integrity, profit from creating a better life for all the human being.


To be the largest minimally-invasive surgery instruments production base in China.


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