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Disposable Linear Cutting Stapler


Q: Why does the staples fall off after loading new cartridge?

A: Loading cartridge is not standardized and the cartridge is not in place, which leads to the phenomenon of staples falling off. When loading new cartridge, make sure that the "click" sound is heard, that is, the loading is in place.


Q:Why we can’t fire the stapler after loading new cartridge?

A:Make sure that no secondary Loading cartridge. If secondary loading must be carried out, it is necessary to check the position of the insurance and ensure that the second loading can be carried out only after the insurance is closed. Otherwise, there will be a phenomenon that can not be fired.

Disposable Intraluminal stapler


Q:Why does disposable Intraluminal stapler has no staples when the cutting knife is not used?

A:Do not open the insurance prematurely before the disposable Intraluminal stapler is ready to be fire, so as to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon that the stapler is fired by mistake.

Disposable endoscopic cutting stapler


Q: Why did the cartridge and the stapler body not make "click" sound when Loading the cartridge?

A:Because the loading new cartridge of this product is different from other products. Align the white marking lines on the cartridge and instrument pole, push down cartridge and rotate clockwise relative to the instrument to make the cartridge in place (confirm that the white marking lines are aligned again, and the blue button on the head of the instrument bounces up).


Q:The reset button did not return to the original position when loading cartridge. Does it affect the loading cartridge?

A:Make sure the reset button is returned to the original position before loading cartridge. When unloading the cartridge, the stapler should be cleared first.


Q:What happens if the reset button is not reset when unloading cartridge?

A:If the reset button is not reset, forcibly unloading the cartridge will cause damage to the device, which will affect the continued use of this operation. Make sure that the reset button is reset before unloading the cartridge.


Q:Is it possible to unload the protective cover of cartridge before loading the cartridge?

A:Please be sure to unload the protective cover of cartridge after the loading cartridge is successful.


Q:How to distinguish the first generation cartridge (A Series) from the second generation cartridge (T Series)?

A:Usually distinguished by the moving part of the cartridge jaws


The first generation cartridge’s anvil seat (one side of the nail groove) is the movable part.

The second generation cartridge’s staples holder(one side with anastomotic staples and ejector pin plate) is the movable part.

EnDrive Powered Endoscopic Linear Cutter


Q:When the stapler is installed and used, is there any possibility of loose contact, if so, what should be done?

A:Be sure to check whether the battery arrows are aligned with the body arrows in the instructions before installing the batteries.


Q:When installing the nail warehouse, there is a situation of inadequate installation of the nail warehouse. How should we deal with it?

A:Firstly, check whether the bottom of the cartridge is aligned with the bottom of the slot when the cartridge is installed. Make sure that the cartridge and the bottom of the slot are fully contacted and matched. Then press the cartridge with your thumb to hear "click" sound, that is, the installation is in place. Finally, be sure to check whether there is a parallel anastomosis between the cartridge and the slot. If there is a raised edge phenomenon, please re-install it.


Q:Can the protective cover be removed before loading new cartridge?

A:Never remove the protective cover before the operation, avoid touching the firing handle, which will lead to affect the normal operation and cause unnecessary losses.


Q:Is the replacement of cartridge easy to operate?

A:Without affecting the use of the device, female nurses recommend the grasping of unloading method, which is simple, labor-saving, efficient and convenient.


Q:Can stapler be used multiple times after disinfection?

A:Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Medical Devices stipulate that "Medical institutions shall not reuse disposable medical devices." The stapler of our company are limited to the use of multiple replacement of cartridge in the same operation, so as to prevent multiple use after disinfection.