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Battery motivated stapling to guarantee smoothly firing
operation safety.

When the stapler insurance is opened, advanced automatically stapling function, ensuring smoothly and stably firing during the surgical procedure. Effectively prevent the tissue being pushed out of compressed cartridge by the firing force of manual endoscopic stapler. The knife is reserved automatically after firing in order to avoid stuck during pulling back. It’s capable of offering average cut and suture as well as the excellent stapling formation.

The design of 60 degrees articulation angle

The design of 60 degrees articulation angle, Significant advantages in radical resection for low and ultra-low rectal cancer:

Through the great turning angle, the lower cutting position can be achieved.

Retain as many benign tissues as possible, Reduce the occurrence of anastomotic fistula.

Improve patients’ life quality.

Better Gripping Technology

T series

Compared with the traditional cartridge, the surface design of the cartridge has regular small bumps, which increases the surface friction of the clipped tissues and prevents the tissue overflow, achieve good anastomosis effect.

Safe and reliable insurance design
The unique staple into technology

Ensuring successful completion of the operation

The innovative 6rows stair-stepping design offers a superior haemostatic effect. Safe and reliable insurance design to prevent mistakenly firing.